Game Journal: EVE Online, Noobing it up

K'ix of the GallenteThere must have been some mistake. I had specifically requested a jacuzzi control pod, and yet my control pod had nothing but a standard crash-webbed couch. Installing a proper jacuzzi in lieu of the oh-so-pedestrian couch set me back a good 18 hours. That was fine, though — I needed the time to brush up on my industrial-ship flight manuals. But next week, yes, next week at the very latest — I shall start cutting a path through the traders of this sector! They will learn to fear for their wallets when the Chubby Eunuch docks in port!

And thus K’ix of the Gallente launched to an inauspicious start in EVE Online. Yes, I’ve held back from leaping into the spreadsheet-cum-space-simulator for years due to my terror of the murderous learning curve, but when a group from work decided to get started, I couldn’t help but join. At this point, I have a paltry 190k skill points or so, and a generous ISK donation from a friend-of-a-friend has me following a typical sort of “learning skills and implants first” path. I eagerly anticipate growing up into my Gallente Industrial ships and beginning my chosen career path as… well… a hyperspace trucker. I love trying to surf the waves of profit-via-arbitrage. But with style!

And I DO insist that each vessel I own has, not a cockpit seat, but a jacuzzi. I’m already hurtling through space at superluminal speeds — why can’t I do so with nice, warm BUBBLES?

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