Third Time is the Charm

Unbelievable. WorldIV is three years old. And yet, we still haven’t determined with certainty how to pronounce MMORPG. Life is good with some mysteries preserved.

WorldIV 3-year cake


Our baseline readership on the site is up, from about 40 a day to around 75. That’s not counting RSS, because we still haven’t set up a proper, analyzable, syndicated feed. Count that as a task for this year. Anyway, we’ve had some great back-and-forth in comments with readers, and we love you folks. We’re going to try to be more MMO and videogame-focused on this blog going forward, and less fun/geek-culture. But that’s why we have WorldIV Twitter with a badge on the site — we’ll drop fun links in there.

Tuebit did a writeup of WoW user metrics and it was a smashing success, garnering an extended peak of 5-10 times normal traffic. Maybe WorldIV needs more charts.

Fable 2 and Spore came out this year, and neither managed to revolutionize gaming. While they weren’t at it, however, some gems like Braid sneaked in there. The Indy Revolution hasn’t come yet, but we think it’s on the way.

Age of Conan and Warhammer Online both tried to dethrone The King. Neither got to spectacular numbers, though both are still getting by. Meanwhile, there’s a fresh crop of “freemium” and other indy/nonstandard/micropayments/etc MMOs hitting. Who knows where the future lies?


Historically, we’ve made these posts a great deal longer, and they’ve been all “meta” with lots of WorldIV plans. None of those plans really seem to amount to much! Good ideas get crushed by real life obligations, and on the flip side, cool stuff arises unexpectedly. We’re both swamped with RL right now, but we’re actually working on a game! Again! We’ll roll out more info on that as it progresses… For now, let’s just say that our aborted attempts have taught us where we need to scope these things.

The MMORPG blogosphere has gone through contraction and expansion this year. More social media outlets such as Twitter have come into play. It’s still a vibrant community that we enjoy being part of, so here’s hoping for another fun year.

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