Ghostwriting on Twitter

Would you believe that Chris Walken on Twitter isn’t actually Christopher Walken? What a shame.

CNet has a story about ghostwriting on Twitter today. The Christopher Walken stream was just too funny to be real, but the article makes me stop and think about social media as a corporate tool. When Obama was using Twitter during his campaign, my first reaction was “Obama Twittering… really? Or is it actually a tech-savvy member of his campaign staff?” I’ll reserve judgment there, maybe, but it seemed obvious that brands and people will be represented on Twitter through a new kind of Astroturfing. After all, take the medium where millions of people shout out their meaningless drivel into the ether, and we have a remarkable medium to make it seem as though celebrities, brands, and businesspeople are shouting out meaningless drivel (and raising your brand-awareness).

Twitter always felt to me like the world’s longest-running, largest, asynchronous IRC room. And while I’m as guilty of spouting nonsensically as anyone else, I really do enjoy the service. I’m sure most Tweeters, so far, are real people. But this article is a cautionary tale — some Tweets are about as “real people” as “Jenny from the block.”

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