Darkfall Debuts

So Darkfall is having some troubles launching. I think this was predicted. (Not a hard prediction to make.)

This dude has a real need to pick on Adventurine about it. The best theory is that it’s payback for all those times he was ganked in UO.

Quoting the Lum …

But now, it’s shipped. And as Tasos and the other Aventurine developers are about to discover, things change when you go live. The wolves have teeth, and they’re going to be looking for soft necks.

It’s almost like he believes that if Darkfall fails, he becomes a better person. I guess Lum has something in common with Darkfall’s PK community. :)

Admittedly, the Darkfall community is a peachy bunch. Lum links an hilarious video. The author (of the video, not Lum) is either developmentally delayed or brilliant. I’m not sure which.

Darkfall is the continuation (or possibly inception … it started that long ago) of a series of small underfunded inexperienced companies attempting to build the holy MMO jesus: a dynamic environment where player actions and skill matter. Like UO-pre-trammel, Shadowbane and ‘Dark and Light’ many attempts have failed. But the goal is worthy.

Keen and Graev have an early review up. There’s a great quote in the post …

[The] “I know you can kill me if you want to” atmosphere has created this sense of dire realism. Stepping outside the newbie town and running 100 yards feels like an epic journey because I truly do not know what waits for me behind the next tree. If you die, you lose it all.

I’d love to at least occasionally experience that in a game. It’s been a long time. In LotRO, my current MMO, there’s never any tension. At most, when approaching a new situation, you wonder if you’ll succeed the first time. If you die there’s only a mild sense of annoyance that the repair bill will be higher than usual.

Sadly, I think Darkfall and its community are in for many months of grief. Grief while the players for whom this game was not meant, figure that out, stop playing and, sorry to say, stop whining. But grief also as Adventurine fixes many bugs and exploits that should not have been there on launch day.

The video above (and I don’t know if it’s true) indicates that you can escape death by logging out. That problem was identified and fixed in other online games a decade ago. A comment at Lum’s claims other problems …

If you are using a G15 keyboard, all you need to do is bind these 3 things to one key to jump around and kill people without them having a chance.

1. bind sheathe weapon
2. bind the command /stuck
3. bind unsheathe weapon

Since there is no timer or actually requirement to use the /stuck command, it instantly transports your character several feet away.

Where there are two obvious exploits, there are doubtless countless more.

I’ll wait a bit for the wrinkles to get ironed out (and for them to fix their ordering processes). Hopefully the game will survive long enough for me to give it a try.

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