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Games for Learning

A recent article on Science Daily, “Learning the Art of Creating Computer Games Can Boot Student Skills“, sings the praises of game development as a method of learning … not playing games, but developing them. … teaching people how to … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life

I’ve been working a whole lot lately. Enough that it’s interfering with, well, just about everything. That’s not a complaint — in my experience, I tend to perform better with hefty goals. I’m lucky enough to have a spouse who’s … Continue reading

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Island Life

Taymar has a very nice post up about Island Life, a new game on Facebook, developed by the great folks at Metaplace (and our very own Tachevert too!). Congratulations on a successful launch!

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Money For Games

Old news, but I ran across the website for fbFund, apparently an incubator for social Facebook games. Selected items from the fbFund About page: fbFund is a $10M seed fund and joint venture run by Facebook, Founders Fund, and Accel … Continue reading

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Gaming for Work

Yesterday I mentioned an article in the h+ Magazine about Dr. Byron Reeves who proposes that aspects of online multiplayer games may be useful in solving real world business problems. The article linked Part 1 of 2 of a presentation, … Continue reading

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Real Problems, Virtual Solutions

As seen on /., h+ Magazine has published an article, “Turning Work into Play with Online Games”, wherein Dr. Byron Reeves, a professor at Stanford University, relates how elements of MMORPG’s may have value in solving real-world business problems. “Byron … Continue reading

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Doing It Backwards

Psychochild has a great post up, “The Innovation Paradox”, discussing the conundrum of innovating in games. The discussion is great. A portion of my contribution was: How much of a game’s development [budget] goes into the […] game-engine and the … Continue reading

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Marketing Massively Multiplayer

As I’ve said before, I’ve returned to university to complete my MBA. I’ve found that connecting the subjects I’m studying to MMORPG’s really does wonders for my comprehension and retention. And so, lucky you, you get to read my rambling … Continue reading

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