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How much RPG is enough?

These silly Facebook RPGs are still holding my attention — I mean the likes of Mafia Wars and all. I can even SEE how they’re skins of the same application, and yet, I’m having enough fun to keep playing. What’s … Continue reading

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Is Tongue-and-Groove Carpentry Dead?

Despite the best efforts of practitioners of tongue-and-groove carpentry to provide permanent, high-strength joints for purposes such as flooring, the sad truth is that wood has a finite threshold for abuse. Time, wear-and-tear, and intangible defects eventually lead to the … Continue reading

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I Want the Diablo Effect

Diablo 2 is a 9-year-old game, and yet, there are 25,000 games of it going on right now on D2 encompasses many of the design flaws I’d call out as horrific. The entire game mechanic is grindfest. Success is … Continue reading

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Metaplace Virtual Worlds and Remote Embedding

As posted on Raph’s blog today, Metaplace has officially released support for remote embedding of worlds. Embedding a Metaplace world on any web site (including a blog) is now nearly as simple as embedding a Youtube video. With some assistance … Continue reading

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