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Job #427: CEO, Financial Services

JOB SPECIFICATION Chief Executive Officer – 250 EQ Plat, generous benefits & options Financial service industry APPOINTMENT DETAILS Job title: Chief Executive Officer Industry sector: Financial services City location: New York CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS Business-related Masters degree 2+ years Guild Leadership … Continue reading

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FotN: Truth in Reporting

Evidently, this reporter feels the same way I do about the incessant Paris Hilton jail coverage of late… The video deserves all-time classic status, as anchorwoman Mika Brzezinski refuses to lead off with yet more Paris Hilton!

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W4 by Tachevert – On Crafting

I love crafting. I love the concept of a game where one can play as a crafter, and do little beyond create MMOstuff for barter, trade, gifting, and sale. I like the notion of seeing someone else’s MMOstuff and maybe … Continue reading

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The Quest Journal made me do it!

MMOCritic today posted a good piece on how Quest Journals interfere with fun, immersion, and difficulty. Wicked, naughty Quest Journals! Now that I look at my Quest Journal, though, I wonder… No games were seriously injured during the doctoring of … Continue reading

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Raph asks Whither Online?

Great article by Raph today on where he sees MMO’s going (as I understand it, written 2 years ago). Best quote: Where the orcs invade the town because there’s something there they want, and where players fight them off because … Continue reading

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Creative Block

Lately, I haven’t been able to get inspired. Not to blog, and not to work on the game. That’s right, I’m suffering from Creative Block. Well, maybe complaining publicly will exorcise the demons. A creative block… of C#! Get it? … Continue reading

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2-4-T #9: Newer but Nonstandard

I’ve abandoned this topic for far too long. Oops! Today, in search of inspiration, I’ve identified a couple of my more recent games that stood out from the crowd simply by being… different. Newer but Nonstandard (Katamari Damacy, Mario Party … Continue reading

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If LOST were an MMO…

If LOST were an MMO and you were playing one of the survivors, you’d probably interact with these archetype team/group members: The Single-Minded One (JOHN LOCKE) He’s taken a quick look at the mission text and he thinks he knows … Continue reading

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