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Star Wars Galaxies: You broke my heart and I stopped loving you. Really. Stop emailing me.

Heya SWG: I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me. I’ve been busy. I got your recent email. I was going to ignore it, but I think it’s time that I tell you the reason why … Continue reading

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Wasting Time in Middle-Earth

OK, yeah, I should have been coding… But I realized that my wonderful ShuttlePro v2 is a programmable macro device, and I had yet to tinker with Lord of the Rings Online music… In my first attempt, I tried to … Continue reading

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W4 by Tachevert – Game Flow Overview

I’ve settled on “eScape” as a working title for my single-player RPG. I wanted to pick a title to hang in there with the cyberspace theme, so I investigated e-whatever and i-whatever titles. Tacky was fine with me… I wanted … Continue reading

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FotN: Big Red Button

Having nothing of any value to contribute, I leave you with the old, but classic, Big Red Button. I have no idea who originally made it.

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FotN: KartOO

KartOO is a fun little meta search “tool” that displays results of a search on a sort of thematic map. I queried WorldIV and got this. How appropriate that ‘noob’ is the central theme. 😉 Normally, I’d credit the site … Continue reading

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W4 by Tachevert – More on Archetypes, Classes, and Abilities

Believe it or not, I’ve been hard at work on a single-player RPG. Unfortunately, from a coding perspective, I have very little to demo just yet; therefore, I’ll stick with some design documents. So far, I’ve only touched on a … Continue reading

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2-4-T #8: Awesome Adventures

For this week, I will visit a genre that’s mostly dead, it seems… the Adventure Game! This was far and away my favorite genre for many years, so I have so many candidates… It’s hard to pick! Awesome Adventures (Borrowed … Continue reading

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MMOG Blog Search: Now With More Blog

Another post to pump the google custom search tool for MMO related blogs and sites. I’ve added a few additional sites (now at 221 and counting), including a few news, forum and game sites (I pillaged KillTenRats list of games). … Continue reading

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