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Game Developers Missing Markets

Parks Associates has released a survey showing that the game market includes hitherto unrecognized segments. The most interesting for me … the ‘Dormant Gamer’ (woot, I’ve got a label for my affliction, maybe they’ll soon have some medicine too). “Dormant … Continue reading

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FotN: Platonic Playtime

In my last post on the card-game mechanic, I’d mentioned that I had a thought for a variation on the card game rules that involves a a 20-sided polyhedron composed of equilateral triagles, called an icosahedron. The icosahedron is one … Continue reading

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Rebuilding The House of Cards

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged my card-game-cum-combat-mechanic. When last I’d written, I had produced a playable version of the card-game. It was dissapointingly boring.   I had commented that I had hopes the game could be rescued. For today’s entry, I … Continue reading

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The Game Mechanic Singularity

The topic of “Class vs Skill Systems” is a very very very very very very very very very very very popular topic right now. 😉 The majority of the arguments against a skill based systems seem to boil down to … Continue reading

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Fiction has nothing on reality …

True (apparently), funny and very sad … all at once. From Broken Toys: Say you’re a guild leader in World of Warcraft. You have a girl in your guild. You talk a lot on Vent, one thing leads to another … Continue reading

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Game Creation Tools

A while back I posted a few links to tools that I thought might make affordable engines for prototyping and playing with game mechanics. Since then, I’ve run across a few more. Thought I’d update the list and share (in … Continue reading

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When the Fire Burns Low: A Case for Unattended Gaming

Darniaq posted an introspective on the personal extinction of intense gaming. “Taking these games serious[ly] is the realm of others in either different stages of their life, or simply with different lives. I peaked in my need for immersion with SWG, … Continue reading

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Indie Jones Raids The Lost Ark

Rampant Coyote has posted the 10 Commandments of Indie Developers. Good. General. Advice.

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