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Happy Holidays

No, I haven’t declared a “war on Christmas.” I just like the term “Happy Holidays” more. It flows. And I have a thing for alliteration anyway. Anyway, here’s a pre-holidays post with a couple of random internet grab bag items. … Continue reading

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With Much Grinding and Changing of Gears

Unusual warning: This is a pretty long entry! Shamefully, I simply don’t spend a whole lot of time playing in the MMORPG, or even “serious gaming” spaces these days. I also feel pretty circumspect about discussing casual and social gaming … Continue reading

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Angry Birds

I am a complete addict of Angry Birds on my iPad. It’s a terrific physics puzzler. One of my coworkers mailed me a parody link, and I just couldn’t resist creating Annoyed Avians. It may not look like much, but … Continue reading

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FotN: Efficiency in Journalism

Reuters sure gets to the point Yup, that was the full article text. Glad it was edited after authoring, though. EDIT: They seem to have expanded the text sometime after I took that screenshot. I’m still amused, though. EDIT 2: … Continue reading

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Organizational Behavior, Law #32

In any particular domain, people can be divided into two categories: those who can and those who can’t. The prevailing trend in Organizational Behavior seems to be that, if you’re good at something, you should be pigeon-holed; if not, you … Continue reading

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The End Is Nigh! Issue #347

By way of King Lud IC, news that plastic eating bacterium have been isolated and cultivated. There will undoubtedly be a push to genetically engineer this little critter to solve all our plastic-bag woes. Think of the sea-birds! But what … Continue reading

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Cure Worse than Disease

I like trying to remain virus-free as much as the next guy. Still, I’d sure like to read my phpBB-based forums, if only my antivirus solution hadn’t decided to tag every topic as containing malware (and no, really, they don’t). … Continue reading

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It must require no skill.

The world’s worst rock singer (that would be yours truly) has finished Rock Band on Medium. It is a sad, sad world we live in when I can rack up such an achievement. On a side note, the cat is … Continue reading

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