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Evidence Based Gaming

As some of you may be aware, I’ve returned to school to get an MBA. This particular MBA program comes with a heavy workload. I haven’t had time to play or blog in months. Not being one to quietly acquiesce, … Continue reading

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You Got Your Social Network in my Game

I’ve said it before, and you can’t stop me from blathering about it again: I’m shamefully hooked on Facebook-style “light RPGs.” But I have one gripe. I don’t like being hard-blocked by my network size. I’m a big advocate of … Continue reading

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The Joy of Cheating

I recently finished the Master Scholar Quest in LotRO for an alt. This was the last quest gating completion of Scholar crafting up until Supreme Master Scholar. I had carefully wound my way from Esteldin across Nan Amlug towards the … Continue reading

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Darkfall Debuts

So Darkfall is having some troubles launching. I think this was predicted. (Not a hard prediction to make.) This dude has a real need to pick on Adventurine about it. The best theory is that it’s payback for all those … Continue reading

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Great short post on twinking over at Eating Bees: So, every game seems to think that powerleveling is somehow bad and sad and god kills a kitten whenever a twink dings without suffering. Therefore, there’s always some code to prevent … Continue reading

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Not an Addict!

Sometimes, I feel this way.

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Broken MMOs

Folks all over the MMO blogosphere are chewing on a new meme: Are MMOs broken? Or is it just WoW? What do you mean by broken? AAA MMOs are big, expensive ventures launched by Teh Evil Corporations ™ in an … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The Old Republic of Awesomeness

Click here for a SW:tOR video This video from the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website has me so excited for the game. I haven’t been looking forward to something like this in entertainment for a really, really long … Continue reading

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