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A Crowfall Lookahead

It’s too early to say a lot, but it’s probably time to admit that I’m seriously intrigued by Crowfall, a sandbox-y open-world-y MMORPG under development. It brings some of the SWG band back together, mixes in a little Shadowbane, and … Continue reading

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The Summer of Dabbling

I didn’t really plan it this way, but I spent the summer dabbling in a number of games. This left me without much coherent or valuable to say about them — but when did that ever stop me, anyway? I … Continue reading

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SWTOR: 2 months in

Emi and I are still playing SWTOR quite regularly. We easily coasted our first characters up to level 50 and began dabbling in end-game content. For me, the winning combination at level 50 was to use Cybertech to craft a … Continue reading

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Back in the WoW Again

After a few persistent questions from some coworkers, I’ve decided to hop back into WoW with the new expansion, Cataclysm. In case you don’t actually read anything about WoW, Cataclysm’s main selling point is that they’re revamping the entire early-game … Continue reading

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The MMO Niche

Let’s not mince words. World of Warcraft, the biggest Western MMO ever, boasted thirteen million players. Unimaginable! Diablo 2, one of the top PC RPGs of all time, sold around 4 million. And 52.5 million people watched the finale of … Continue reading

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Focus on the Positive, Why Not?

New Scientist presented an article reviewing the potential of games and gamers. One quote, attributed to Edward Castronova, caught my attention: “For a lot of people, contemporary reality sucks. And everybody wants to be a hero […] That person is … Continue reading

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Gaming for Work

Yesterday I mentioned an article in the h+ Magazine about Dr. Byron Reeves who proposes that aspects of online multiplayer games may be useful in solving real world business problems. The article linked Part 1 of 2 of a presentation, … Continue reading

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Real Problems, Virtual Solutions

As seen on /., h+ Magazine has published an article, “Turning Work into Play with Online Games”, wherein Dr. Byron Reeves, a professor at Stanford University, relates how elements of MMORPG’s may have value in solving real-world business problems. “Byron … Continue reading

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