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SOPA on a Ropa

The US Congress is going to vote on SOPA/PIPA. Don’t just read about it. At the very least, go sign a petition. But I’m not going to shut down this site in protest, because inconveniencing 4 readers isn’t going to … Continue reading

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10 Commandments of Powerpoint Presentations

If you’ve given me a presentation recently, don’t take this personally. I’ve been building this list for ages, and saving it for a rainy day. But seriously, why do so many people suck so completely at giving a presentation with … Continue reading

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No, I don’t mean Paint.NET or SlickRun. I mean those magical things that are piped into and out of my home. Cable and Internet AT&T’s “U-verse” service just wired our area. They offered the same or better service than our … Continue reading

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Really Tiny Adventures

I think I like D&D Tiny Adventures on Facebook. It seems really neat — low involvement, simulated dice rolls, vaguely amusing stories of fantasy, and I can manage my own inventory for casual interaction! Sounds fun! But as of now, … Continue reading

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WTF, AIM is Weird

Sometimes, I just… don’t know.

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A Determined Rant

1 It’s not that I intend to pick on LotRO. It’s a fine game. The pinnacle of mediocracy (I mean that in a good way, honest). But as I play, I sure can’t help but think, “Wouldn’t that be better … Continue reading

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Word Haters

As usual, I was keeping an eye on Slashdot last week (Last week? Dang, but I need to finish my drafts…), and found this comment that made me think. Why is it that geeks have a special, deep-seated hatred of … Continue reading

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