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Five Years!

WorldIV turned five years old last month! Wow, that must officially make blogs old hat, because this was not an early-adopter site! Life has wedged itself between blogging and ourselves. Tuebit is proceeding through school, and deserves a round of … Continue reading

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With Much Grinding and Changing of Gears

Unusual warning: This is a pretty long entry! Shamefully, I simply don’t spend a whole lot of time playing in the MMORPG, or even “serious gaming” spaces these days. I also feel pretty circumspect about discussing casual and social gaming … Continue reading

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Why Don’t I Want to Blog?

As a friend of mine observed, Twitter and Facebook have largely decapitated the blogging world. If my thought doesn’t fit into 140 characters, my friend claims, nobody wants to read it. I think my friend wasn’t cynical enough. If my … Continue reading

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“Mille” stone

Oh, my French-English puns just SLAY me. Anyway, as of today, we’ve officially hit 1,000 comments. Sure, that includes us author types. Whatever. It’s our party! Go us!

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Whither the One-Liner?

I often hear the question: What impact does Twitter “really” have? Well, I think that Twitter and its ilk have struck a painful blow at blogs. As South Park might say, “Those bastards! They killed one-liners!” Even here at WorldIV, … Continue reading

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Relevancy of Game Blogs

Cuppy poses a question on her blog: It seems like a decent amount of people who design games for a living want to blog and share that knowledge with others. My question is: Do they know what they’re talking about? … Continue reading

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Third Time is the Charm

Unbelievable. WorldIV is three years old. And yet, we still haven’t determined with certainty how to pronounce MMORPG. Life is good with some mysteries preserved. Recap Our baseline readership on the site is up, from about 40 a day to … Continue reading

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The Blog is Quiet

We’ve been blogging a bit less lately. In many ways, this is a good thing — as part of our decision to “refocus,” we’ve decided to eliminate a lot of our more lightweight posts, so if you you something hit … Continue reading

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