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LotRO Freemium

Bio Break summarizes LotRO’s free-to-play discussion more thoroughly than I possibly could. My initial thoughts are: – If I’d bought a lifetime subscription, I might be disappointed now. But it looks like they gave some serious thought to mitigating this. … Continue reading

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The Joy of Cheating

I recently finished the Master Scholar Quest in LotRO for an alt. This was the last quest gating completion of Scholar crafting up until Supreme Master Scholar. I had carefully wound my way from Esteldin across Nan Amlug towards the … Continue reading

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A Determined Rant

1 It’s not that I intend to pick on LotRO. It’s a fine game. The pinnacle of mediocracy (I mean that in a good way, honest). But as I play, I sure can’t help but think, “Wouldn’t that be better … Continue reading

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Eden … without the nudity or snake

So I finally made 50 in LotRO. This is no small feat for a player who, of late, has become increasingly casual. In celebration of this great occasion, I shall now rant. LotRO, has so much potential to be more … Continue reading

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