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7 Years, IV Worlds, 0 Game Developers

It’s hard to imagine that this blog has been kicking around for seven years. And yet, the very first blog post was published on April 10, 2006. In April of 2006, Vanguard hadn’t launched yet. SWG hadn’t closed. We wouldn’t … Continue reading

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And Then, Everything Changed…

After a bit of wrangling, discussing, soul-searching, and whatever else goes along with these actions, your friendly WorldIV writers came to a conclusion. WorldIV had gone entirely out of date. It’s time to reroll! The Technology Perhaps this is self-serving, … Continue reading

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Five Years!

WorldIV turned five years old last month! Wow, that must officially make blogs old hat, because this was not an early-adopter site! Life has wedged itself between blogging and ourselves. Tuebit is proceeding through school, and deserves a round of … Continue reading

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Four Years Old

Where does the time go? This blog is now four years old. (OK, it was technically four years old two days ago, but at our posting rate, who’s counting?) So what’s new and what’s coming? Here are a couple of … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Best wishes to all!

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Third Time is the Charm

Unbelievable. WorldIV is three years old. And yet, we still haven’t determined with certainty how to pronounce MMORPG. Life is good with some mysteries preserved. Recap Our baseline readership on the site is up, from about 40 a day to … Continue reading

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W4 by Tachevert: Crafting Sim: The UI Continues

Another milestone achieved: I inserted empty spaces into the “Field” portion of the crafting window, and one can now select and place a tile. Huzzah for modern Computer Science. And it’s too bad; I didn’t even think to make sure … Continue reading

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W4 by Tachevert: A Frustrating Weekend…

I really dislike using GDI. (Of the Windows variety, not the Command and Conquer one.) In any case, I lost the majority of this weekend’s coding time writing poor code for Bitmap display, which is something I never QUITE seem … Continue reading

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