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Character Creation Stats

The Daedalus Project has some statistics on character creation in MMORPGs that are worth a read. The motivations that drive the top 2/3 of character creation, according to this study, are: Class Type (20%) – Players in this category have … Continue reading

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Top 10 MMO @ F13

F13 has a forum thread requesting Your Top 10 MMO List. Do your bit for posterity and go participate (read the rules first … and pay no attention to the snarky people).

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2nd Second Math

It’s not really my intention to blather on endlessly about Second Life’s business model (I’ve otherwise moved on to examine the business model of other games). I did want to post the results of some revisions to the guestimates of … Continue reading

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Second Math

By way of Raph Koster, Nabeel Hyatt dug up data showing the success of Micro Transactions (focusing on Maple Story, Habbo Hotel, and others). This inspired me to try to understand the business model behind a multiplayer game with non-traditional … Continue reading

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