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Star Wars Fans Rule!

Star Wars Uncut – The Director’s Cut Star Wars Episode IV, cut into 15s chunks, re-filmed by fans and stitched back together. Brilliant. I only wish I’d clued into this project earlier and had the opportunity to submit a chunk. … Continue reading

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The Game of Life

I came across Chore Wars by way of Applied Game Design. It’s described thusly: Chore Wars lets you claim experience points for household chores. By getting other people in your house or workplace to sign up to the site, you … Continue reading

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Browser, Free and Indy MMO’s.

Deal Breakers MMOHub has a brief article up on in-browser versus downloadable MMO’s. My biggest problem isn’t with a download per se, but with downloads that run a very long time or downloads which don’t come direct from a link … Continue reading

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Casually Pharaoh

We’ve been playing Immortal Cities: Nile Online by Tilted Mill recently. It’s a casual multi-player browser based strategy game. Immortal Cities: Nile Online is a persistent browser-based empire building game set in ancient Egypt. Play with thousands of other players … Continue reading

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March of Virtual Worlds

I had no idea that the World of Virtual Worlds had such high population. The video below by Gary Hayes (via kfsone) presents a march of video snippets from more than 50 virtual worlds (supposedly, I didn’t count). Very interesting. … Continue reading

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