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Star Wars: The Old Republic of Awesomeness

Click here for a SW:tOR video This video from the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website has me so excited for the game. I haven’t been looking forward to something like this in entertainment for a really, really long … Continue reading

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Video games and gossip

I’m deeply ashamed to admit that I read celebrity gossip blogs, like, daily. I’m pathetic, I know. How surprised was I that not one, but two posts on Perez Hilton’s site were about video games? Clearly my worlds are overlapping … Continue reading

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I sense something awesome in the Force…

After a lot of speculation, rumors and prayers – EA and BioWare are indeed developing an MMO with Lucas Arts based in the time frame of the Knights of the Old Republic game. I for one couldn’t be happier with … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July!

Here’s wishing our American readers a Happy Independence Day! For the rest of you, Happy Friday!

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I need to shut my motor mouth more often.

It was less than 2 weeks ago when Tachevert and I were discussing gaming now – in the beautifully animated and kill your graphics card time of the online MMORPG – versus text based MUD style from the time before … Continue reading

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Escape to Lost Island

I will admit here that I’m totally a crazed fan-girl over the TV show Lost. It nearly broke my spirit to NOT be able to keep up with the show when we were on the road. I can actually say … Continue reading

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Tache and Emi Travelblog: Day 5

Our first full day in San Diego! The weather was so beautiful. Definitely warmer than Atlanta right now, but still fabulous. We did some driving, some rental hunting, and a little bit of shopping. We managed to drive west far … Continue reading

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While the cats were away…

I had a bunch of plans for my weekend that just passed, including writing some blogs for this site since Tachevert and Tuebit wouldn’t be posting. As you may have guessed, these brilliant entries never were written. So what did … Continue reading

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