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A cofounder of and full-time geek, Tachevert writes about whatever strikes his fancy. Despite the inherent contradiction, he can often be found videogaming or attempting to run.

A Crowfall Lookahead

It’s too early to say a lot, but it’s probably time to admit that I’m seriously intrigued by Crowfall, a sandbox-y open-world-y MMORPG under development. It brings some of the SWG band back together, mixes in a little Shadowbane, and … Continue reading

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EVE: Nothing to report

I’ve spent a couple of months not doing a lot of active play in EVE; some shipping through high-sec and just a couple of brief dashes into wormhole space. (But that was fun, because it was my first trip to … Continue reading

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7 Years, IV Worlds, 0 Game Developers

It’s hard to imagine that this blog has been kicking around for seven years. And yet, the very first blog post was published on April 10, 2006. In April of 2006, Vanguard hadn’t launched yet. SWG hadn’t closed. We wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Return to New Eden

I am slowly coming to realize that I play online games pretty much in complete sync with friends. As such, when a number of my friends began playing EVE (and redoubled interest from other friends who were already playing), it … Continue reading

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Hello, 2013

I ran my first half-marathon today. Well, run-walked. Gotta start somewhere… and that’s a great start for the year.

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Farewell, 2012

It’s been a long, strange year. Like so many other bloggers, I’m now assessing how the last year went while looking toward the next. The result is, as usual, mixed and interesting. Games Strangely, this is the simple part this … Continue reading

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The Tree is Done

A few more hours and a few more tribulations with the Arduino tree project yielded great success. As mentioned last time, I lookeed into building my own audio interface, but after a bit of snooping, found the SparkFun Spectrum Shield … Continue reading

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Arduino Grows on Trees

I’ve been nursing a bit of a bug for a while to do something crafty, in addition to all of my other fast-fail software efforts. In so doing, I reawakened a silly thing I’ve wanted to try since college. For … Continue reading

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