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Star Wars Fans Rule!

Star Wars Uncut – The Director’s Cut Star Wars Episode IV, cut into 15s chunks, re-filmed by fans and stitched back together. Brilliant. I only wish I’d clued into this project earlier and had the opportunity to submit a chunk. … Continue reading

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One Last Hurrah

Old news … Star Wars Galaxies is closing on December 15th. I remember discussing the game with friends when it first launched. Some didn’t believe it could work – how could every player be the Jedi. For me, SWG wasn’t … Continue reading

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You’re Still A Loser

If you’re reading this, it’s proof that inflamatory and grossly oversimplified titles attract attention. But that aside for now. I’ve noticed a couple of articles on New Scientist recently that relate to games. First, a new study finds that, contrary … Continue reading

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Graffiti in the Can

Graffiti in university washrooms amuses me. In and amongst the “your mom” jokes and anthropomorphized gonads was this.

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Critical Questions

A demon appears before you. Or perhaps she’s an alien from a far-flung world, or an evolved human from the distant future. The creature explains that it has the power to alter time, space and the fabric of reality. He … Continue reading

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I Write Like …

Yet another instant analyzer with a pastable badge. I write likeDavid Foster Wallace I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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I Blame the Game Developers

/.reports that creativity in America is declining. From the article: One likely culprit is the number of hours kids now spend in front of the TV and playing videogames rather than engaging in creative activities. By extension, I blame game … Continue reading

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A World to call Your Own

I’m slightly surprised that Ryzom’s release as open source hasn’t attracted more attention in the blogosphere. From the Ryzom Open Source FAQ: Ryzom is released in its entirety – all of the framework (NeL, NeLNS), game client, tools, utilities and … Continue reading

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